Offer of book keeping services and personnel/remuneration

1    Development and revision of Account Policy

2    Bookkeeping according to the Act of Accountancy and other
      obligatory regulations, therein:
      - Formal and arithmetical verification of received documents
      - Segregation and classification of documents according to the
      Chart of Accounts and description of documents
      - Book entry

3    Register keeping enabling tax settlements preparation:
      - Value added tax
      - Corporate income tax
      - Personnel income tax
      - Other taxes and fees

4    Preparation of all obligatory tax returns:
      - Value added tax
      - Corporate income tax
      - Personnel income tax
      - Other taxes and fees
      - Tax declaration corrections

5    Preparation and filing of Social Insurance declarations and

6    Preparation and filing of declarations for the
      Statistical Office (GUS) and the
      National Bank of Poland (NBP)

7     Annual closure of accounts. Preparation of annual
       finance statement according to the Act of Accountancy

8     Preparation of reports and statements of management
       accounting purposes made from information readily available        in the books

9     Verbal consultation

10   Preparation and filing of reminders and interest notes
       according to clients (Board of Directors or other authorized
       persons) instructions

11   Preparation of financial documentation for banks

12   Registration of  personnel and remuneration documentation,
       therein documentation for the Social Insurance Office

13   Relevant on-going contact with banks and the Social
       Insurance office, the tax office and the Statistical Office

14   Preparing and placing documents on file

N. B. In extremely complicated cases FASC will charge for
the services of a tax adviser, a chartered auditor or Finance Minister